Parish Profile

Parish Profile: The parish boundaries are very similar to the City Council Ward of Belle Vale*.

Population: 15,423 Belle Vale has a higher proportion of older people 65+ and a lower proportion of working age residents than the Liverpool City average. The ward also has higher levels of Children than the city average

Deprivation and Child Poverty: Belle Vale shows high levels of overall deprivation with 39.9% of the ward falling within the most deprived 5% of neighbourhoods nationally. This suggests that over 9,000 residents live in some of the most deprived areas in England.  In 2009 36.2% of the children in Belle Vale were living in poverty, which is above the Liverpool average (33.1%). In some areas of the ward the number of children living in poverty is up to three times the national average.

Unemployment: Belle Vale had 2,416 workless residents and the worklessness rate (24.7%) is above the Liverpool average (21.9%) and twice the national rate (12.3%).

Housing: More than two fifths of properties in Belle Vale (42.9%) are socially rented, while 57.1% are privately owned.

Crime: The overall crime rate in Belle Vale (55.9 crimes per 1000 residents) is below the city average (99.3). The rate of individual crimes including Domestic Burglary, Violent & Vehicle Crime are all lower that the city average. Overall crime has fallen by 14.5% between 2010

and 2012. There were 185 fewer crimes relating to anti‐social behaviour in the ward in 2011/12 than the previous year, a 30.4% decrease

Education: Belle Vale had the lowest educational attainment rates for pupils achieving 5+A*‐C’s of all Liverpool wards. At 61.5%, the proportion of pupils achieving 5+ A*‐ C grades including Maths and English is also one of the lowest in the city.