Parish Life

Every church community is different and Our Lady's is no exception. In 2016 the parish community spent a year reflecting and discerning the way forward, by reading the sign of the times in the light of the Word of God. The parish community felt that the three words that expressed its nature but also its vision of what is was called by God to be was 

Welcoming I  Loving I Serving 

The parishes mission is 

To welcome and share our faith with children and young people and enhance the spiritual growth of our diverse community.

To love God and be His living presence in the community.

To serve others by building relationships, healing brokenness and promoting peace.

By praying, worshiping and celebrating our relationship with Jesus, to evangelise our local community.

To support the worshipping parishioners at every stage of their faith development, throughout their lives.

To inspire all parishioners to share their God given gifts and talents.

How it does this is through personal connections in the local community, parish groups, various ministries, developing people's God given charisms.  The very heart of all the activity is the source and summit of the Christian faith, the Eucharist. Jesus said when you come together 'Do this in memory of me.' each day and each week we brake open the Word of God and gather around the altar to be nourished in God's vision for this community and the mission God has entrusted to us.

You can become a part of this Vision and Mission, just get in touch to find out how.